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Brazilian Hair

Malaysian Hair

 Most Popular, known for being very soft, very diverse, durable, thick, easiest to blend, very luxurious, lots of body, natural shine and the colors are usually in black or off black to rich brown.  Brazilian Hair is good if you want thick, bouncy hair.  The hair is good for blending in with African-American Hair and this is why a lot of African-American  women go for this hair, not only that it comes in a variety of styles and is very versatile.



Comes in colours of darkest brown to near black.  The hair comes in styles of wavy, slight bends to loose body waves.  The hair is heavier, thicker and more, dense than Indian hair, aswell as being softer and silkier than Indian hair.  The hair dries straight with a slight wave. The hair is extremely shiny and silky.

Malaysian Hair is good for relaxed African American hair and blends in well.  If you like naturally wavy or curly hair, this is one to go for.  The only downfall is that is only available in the darker colours, but on saying that the hair is extremely soft and shiny. 

      Peruvian Hair

             Indian Hair

Thicker than Brazilian hair.  It grows naturally straight, wavy or very curly.  But when washed becomes more curly in texture.  It comes in natural colors of dark or light brown, and sometimes in the less occurring slightly blonde shades.

 Peruvian Hair If you like extremely thick hair and lighter brown colors, then Peruvian hair is the hair for you.  It will provide you with the strength, body of Brazilian hair with the smoothness of European hair.  Be careful to not buy too many packs of Peruvian hair, as it will look overfull and square.  The hair lays thick so you will need less bundles to give the desire effect.

In good use if you want shiny, straight hair. It is very easy to straighten Indian hair. The hair is thick and coarse. The virgin Indian Hair comes in dark colors and can have extremely long lengths. Indian Hair is good if you want to do straight, sleek and shiny hair styles. Do not use this hair if you want body or bounce. becomes frizzy in humid weather, use of anti-frizz products recommended.